insurance partners

Below is a list of partners with whom we work closely. We chose them because they are well established, trustworthy and they share the same values we do. Their mission is to protect your property and your obligations, to provide you with expertise and to help you reduce the aftermath of a potential disaster.

Logo intact assurance
Logo L'Unique Assurances générales
Logo economical insurance
Logo Promotuel assurance
Prima Assurances
Premier Canada
Logo Wynward Insurance Group
Logo Totten Group Insurance
Logo SWG south western
Logo CHES Solutions Spécialisées
Logo Victor
Logo Travelers
Logo RSA
Logo Optimum Optimum Général inc.
Logo Northbridge Assurance
Prima Assurances
Logo Souveraine assurance
Prima Assurances
Logo encon
Logo Echelon Insurance
Logo Coast Underwiters Limited
Logo April
Logo Promotuel lanaudière