Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance is one of the most well-known insurance products offered. To customize your coverage, we take into account your car’s model, type, year and condition, as well as your driving record. For new a vehicle, you can choose between replacement value insurance or replacement insurance. We offer both types of products and can advise you on which one is best suited for you.

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RV, trailer and motorhome insurance

In recent years, RVs and motorhomes have become increasingly popular. Since this type of purchase can be costly and can come with many valuable features, your policy must include coverage that perfectly reflects your situation, namely:

  • Insurance without depreciation (up to 10 years)
  • Insurance on furniture property in the vehicle (replacement value)
  • Insurance for a stay outside Quebec of 6 months

For example, if your RV is permanently parked on a campsite, it is important to let us know. Your policy will be tailored to your use and will cover your outdoor amenities (shed, patio, gazebo, etc.).

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Motorcycle, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle insurance

More and more insurers offer tailor-made products to protect your recreational vehicles and some of those protections may be new: replacement value, rental insurance (to replace your vehicle in the event of a covered loss, roadside assistance).

It is important to notify us of any modifications made to the vehicle or any additional accessories so that we can include it in the total value of the vehicle.

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Boat insurance

Many of our partners specialize in boat insurance. If your boat is recent, the agreed value could be an interesting clause to add to your insurance contract in order to guarantee the purchase price in the event of total loss. You will also need to consider insuring removable accessories and equipment, such as life jackets, fenders, electronic equipment, etc. Our expert are there to help you consider your options.

Did you know that some insurers require that the trailer tow hitch be locked in order to cover boat theft? In addition, certain navigation areas are not covered or require revised rates (i.e., Florida or the Bahamas). Make sure you get all the information you need.

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