The success story of our insurance firm

Today one of the largest accident insurance companies in Quebec, Prima Assurances was founded in 1962 under the name André Desjardins Assurances. The company, now directed by a third generation of insurance professionals, has maintained its reputation by always ensuring that our customers remain at the heart of everything we do.

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Establishment of André Desjardins Assurances inc., one of the first insurance companies in the Les Moulins region.

André Desjardins directed the company for over 25 years before handing the leadership over to his son Pierre Desjardins.

1993 – 2015

Pierre Desjardins acquires the company founded by his father.

He directed the company until his retirement in 2015.


Acquisition of the company by Yann and Éric Desjardins, the grand-sons of the founder.


André Desjardins Assurances inc. acquires Prima Assurances inc., which becomes the company’s official name.

The company then purchases three other firms: Assurances Sébastien Brisebois, Assurances Nicole Catoire and Assurances Sylvain Laberge.

With more than 20 years in the accident insurance industry, Sébastien Brisebois becomes the President of Prima Assurances.

The company now operates offices in Terrebonne and Montreal.


Acquisition du cabinet G. Gosselin Assurances. Prima Assurances double alors ses effectifs et Valérie Codère y devient associée.


Acquisition of Assurances J.B.3. and creation of the Prima Group Financial subsidiary.

In addition to accident insurance, the agency now offers life insurance and financial services.