The success story of our insurance firm

Today one of the largest accident insurance companies in Quebec, Prima Assurances was founded in 1962 under the name André Desjardins Assurances. The company, now directed by a third generation of insurance professionals, has maintained its reputation by always ensuring that our customers remain at the heart of everything we do.

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Establishment of André Desjardins Assurances inc., one of the first insurance companies in the Les Moulins region.

André Desjardins directed the company for over 25 years before handing the leadership over to his son Pierre Desjardins.

1993 – 2015

Pierre Desjardins acquires the company founded by his father.

He directed the company until his retirement in 2015.


Acquisition of the brokarage firm by Yann and Éric Desjardins, the grand-sons of the founder.


Andre Assurances Inc and Les Assurances Sebastien Brisebois Inc. acquires Prima Assurances Inc. which will become the brokerage firm official name.

The company, with this transaction, also did the acquisition of Assurances Nicole Catoir and Assurances Sylvain Laberge. The company now operates offices in Terrebonne and Montreal.


Acquisition of the brokerage firm G Gosselin Assurances Ltd and a new associate Valérie Codere . That transaction double the firm staff and volume


Acquisition of Assurances J.B.3. and creation of the Prima Group Financial subsidiary.

In addition to accident insurance, the agency now offers life insurance and financial services.


Acquisition of Groupe Patrick Ménard Inc. With this acquisition Prima Assurances reinforce their leader position in Lanaudiere

October 2021

AssurExpert Forget’s acquisition

Prima has now a new office in St-Jérôme.

December 31, 2023

Acquisition of 2 new offices

Acquisition of Les Assurances Starnino & Associés Inc. & AssurExperts Nadine Lavallée


At Prima Assurances, we don’t settle for just being a team; we form a true family! We encourage and congratulate each other. We create a warm work environment, filled with moments of sharing and activities that make us feel at home! Above all, we take care of one another to create a positive work atmosphere where everyone can thrive and give their best!

Skilled and committed professionals

At Prima Assurances, we take pride in being skilled professionals in damage insurance and we give great importance on our client’s experience. We are recognized for our competence, reliability, and dedication to our customers, who are at the core of our concerns. Prima’s reputation and credibility are built on our human values, which are at the heart of everything we do.


At Prima Assurances, we believe in authenticity! We are all unique individuals with our own weaknesses, and we encourage everyone to express themselves honestly and sincerely. This creates a transparent work environment where everyone can be themselves, fostering trust and collaboration. By being genuine and authentic, we can achieve even more remarkable results!

We are passionate

At Prima Assurances, we are a team of passionate individuals! We love what we do, and it reflects in our dedication to our work. We believe in the significance of each team member’s contribution. We are also willing to step out of our comfort zone to take risks and innovate. This enthusiastic and determined attitude inspires other team members with humor and cheerfulness!