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Our reputation is built on transparency, and on listening and knowing our customers. Above all, we want to offer sound advice that will allow you to build and increase the value of your portfolio and protect your assets.

“Choosing to invest with an advisor provides greater returns because they offer a mix of assets tailored to the long-term needs of their customers. They also encourage customers to participate in registered plans. “

According to a study by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada

Our financial services

For individuals
and entrepreneurs

  •  Life, disability and critical illness insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Invesstment and portfolio management (REER / CRI / FERR / FRV / REEE / CELI)

For companies

  • Group insurance
  • Group savings plan (RRSP, VRSP)
  • Insurance for Shareholder agreement
  • Insurance for fiscal strategy

We are fully independent financial security advisors, which means we have access to almost any investment product on the market. We offer you the options that are in your best interest, and that best suit your unique circumstances. With an entire team of tax specialists, accountants, notaries and lawyers, we can offer you the most advantageous advice and expertise to increase your portfolio.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Should I put my savings in an RRSP or a TFSA?

Before answering this question, your financial security advisor should perform an analysis of your financial needs, as required by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). And just like a medical examination, this analysis is required to be able to make the best recommendations according to your reality.


Is it better to insure a mortgage with the bank or with an insurance broker?

In addition to saving you money, insuring your mortgage with an independent broker gives you much more flexibility. First, if you want to change banks or lenders when renewing your mortgage, you won’t have to start the process all over again to insure your loan. You also have full control over how you use your money in the event of a claim, unlike the bank, which will automatically apply the insurance amount to your mortgage. Finally, the amount you can claim from your mortgage insurance with the bank decreases as your loan is paid off. With an insurance broker, this amount remains fixed as long as you maintain your contract.


What is a shareholders’ agreement for?

A shareholders’ agreement is like a will, but for your business. In the event of the death or disability of one of your partners, the agreement protects you, according to what has been established between the parties. This is the best way to avoid all the hassles that often comes with estate settlements.


Should I apply for QPP benefits at 60 or 65?

The answer depends on several factors, including your financial situation and your life expectancy. A meeting with one of our advisers can answer any questions you may have.


Is the life insurance claim taxable?

No, however, the investment interest of that amount could be. Consulting a financial security advisor before making this kind of decision could save you money.

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